FIPG ensures that your Israeli prosecution is managed impeccably in coordination with your other worldwide prosecution.

Since the Israeli Patent Office (ILPO) has become an international search authority, actual experience in prosecution, rather than mere administrative acceptance of foreign issued claims, has become a necessity in order to obtain enforceable Israeli patents while not making errors that could affect co-priority cases in other countries. The prior common Israeli practice of merely requesting “expedited allowance”, based upon another country’s allowed claims (under Section 17c of the Israeli Patent Law) is therefore less frequently applicable. Further, due to a recent ILPO reorganization, Israeli Office Actions are often issued before those of other authorities (including the USPTO and EPO) and substantially before allowance of the co-priority application in other jurisdictions, further weakening “expedited allowance” as a viable tactic.

Our team has years of experience in worldwide patent application prosecution, which experience ensures professional prosecution of Israeli patent applications while taking into account its impact on patent enforcement globally (particularly in the US).